How to work with Reports Builder

TurnKey Lender has functionality for reporting built-in in the Reports workplace. But starting with version 7.0, back-office users have the functionality to create and generate custom reports with the specific data points they need for their stakeholders on in-house analysis.

1.To access the functionality for building a new report or to generate one with one of the existing templates, navigate to Tools → Excel reports.

2. Click the gear icon to access the customization settings of the Excel reports tab or click the Prepare report button at the end of the row with the report you need.

3. If you click the gear icon, the window with the customization options will open.

Here you can add a new report, see the history of changes or delete it.

4. If you click the

Add new report button, the popup with options will open.

You need to specify the report’s name, select the branches it will access data from, the loan statuses you’d like to include, the Excel template you’d like to use and the report's description for simple navigation.

5. Click OK to save the changes. You can now use your new report.