Report constructor

Excel Report Constructor - allows our customers to create custom Excel reports without the need for any manual involvement by us.  

Thanks to PowerPivot and Power Query, users can build complex reports as well as informative, well-designed charts in Excel templates. The charts are generated automatically based on supported data models that provide the input.

For example, lenders can measure underwriter's KPIs or create visually appealing executive reports for their board of investors.


Here are a few examples filled with random data:

  • Underwriter_Efficiency_Report.xlsx
    This report measures underwriter's effectiveness and productivity. The KPIs are calculated based on Delinquency Buckets and successfully repaid loans. The report also shows their productivity and how many Overrides the underwriter has done.  

  • Risk_Levels_Report.xlsx
    This report shows Risk Statistics for the exported period. Stats are divided by states, Risk Levels, and Delinquency Buckets

  • Originator_Efficiency_Report.xlsx
    This report shows originator's effectiveness and productivity. It calculates their KPIs, counts defaulted loans, and displays the total portfolio size processed by each originator for the exported period.

  • Executive_Report.xlsx
    This report shows company's basic portfolio for the exported period. The data is split by regional and operational parameters.

All these reports are created with PowerPivot and come with informative chars.

To create a new template, simply add a Smart marker into a cell, and our System will fill it with correct data. It is very similar to our current merge field functionality but with excel magic 😊
This custom template can then be used anytime to create a report based on its contents.