How to setup Google Analytics for marketing purposes

This article describes how to set up your Google Analytics account to keep track of key events inside the system.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Register in Google Analytics by the link 
  2. To create a new property and get a tracking ID in your Google Analytics account go to Settings -> Property and click the + button to create a property.
  3. Fill in all the fields. Please note that in the 'Website URL' field you have to choose the option of 'https://' protocol.
  4. Having created a new property you will get a unique Tracking ID code (like AU-XXXXXXXX-X). The code has to be inserted into Turnkey Lender config (shall be made by Turnkey Lender's Service Desk personnel).
  5. The default set of goals is available by the link . To import it into your account, choose a view and click on the 'Create' button. The goals will be automatically saved to your account. 
  6. To track the goals real time go to Real-time -> Conversions in your Google Analytics account. 

Events that can be tracked by Google Analytics

    • Goal 1: Start Application. The borrower clicks the Apply button on the marketing website and gets redirected to the Turnkey Lender's Front Office website;
    • Goal 2: Getting Started. The loan amount and loan term are selected in the widget and the Apply button is clicked;
    • Goal 3: Completed Application. The application form is submitted;
    • Goal 4: Approved Application. The loan application is approved, be it a manual approval by Underwriter or an automatic approval by the system.
    • Goal 5: Referral. The system cannot make a definitive decision and the application is referred for manual approval to Underwriter;
    • Goal 6: Rejected. The application is rejected manually by Underwriter or automatically by the system.