Performance test (by Hewlett Packard)

1 Objective of the report

The objectives of the performance test activity on Enterprise TurnKey Lender are summarized below –

  • Benchmarking the Turnkey Lender Enterprise Enterprise Engine (Decision Engine);
  • Identify any performance issues within the identified scope of the engagement;
  • Create strong precise requirements to the hardware to be used.

2 Scope of Performance Testing

The following items are in the scope of work of the performance test:

  • The performance test activities are limited to the business transactions as defined in the subsequent sections in this document. The test strategy assumes batch activity during normal business operation;
  • Performance testing scenarios that are modeled was carried out on the system to investigate the system response, resource utilization and other infrastructure parameters;
  • The response time will be accumulated time taken by all system components: application layer, database, web services and network latencies.

3 Solution Overview

With use of Turnkey Lender Enterprise, the clients are empowered to:
1. Process Big Data.
2. Perform Predictive and Behavioral Analysis.
3. Make the most optimal decisions in terms of cost, risk and timing.

4 Summary: Solution Value Proposition

1. Appliance Model – The Solution is cost-effective and highly efficient. Once deployed, the solution is operational on day one and customer does not need to worry about day-to-day operations such as backup, etc.

2. The Solution offers an easy path to use a lending automation platform coupled with a decision management platform as infrastructure enabler of lending business

3. Flexible configuration choice on a highly scalable and reliable infrastructure

4. Option for a pay-per-use model using HPE Flexible Capacity

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