Creating ticket in Service Desk (Guide)

  • Please find your personal Service Desk. It looks like {name_of_your_project/company} Service Desk. For example, ABC Service Desk. In case you can’t find a link to your Service Desk please contact our Support Team via and we’ll help you by providing the link to your personal Service Desk.

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  • Your Service Desk contains 4 issue types:

    Issue Types

  • Report an issue. If you meet any error or something that works incorrectly according to the specification of your product, you can create the request with this issue type.

  • Question. If you have any questions concerning system functionality or separate parts of the system, you can raise a request and ask the Support Team whatever you want to know.

  • New feature request. Once you need a new feature or new functionality in your system, you can raise New feature request. Our Support Team will process this request and be sure Support will contact all needed teammates to provide you with estimation in the nearest time.

  • Change request. You can raise this type of a request if you need any change in your system. The flow of processing such a request is similar to New feature request processing.

  • Once you create a ticket, you’ll receive a confirmation email that contains a link to your created.

  • When the Support Team leaves a comment on your ticket you’ll receive an appropriate email.

Please do not answer in email. We can’t receive these email answers in the ticket

  • In this email, you can follow the link and continue the conversation under the ticket.