Below, some of the most common questions can be found that are asked by Clients like you.

 Is there an option for me to move loans around from the Archive workplace?

Archive is the place where permanently closed loans are stored. From considerations of business logic, normally there should be no need to retract loans from Archive.

The only exception is Rejected loans, which can be recovered by Underwriter by clicking either Approve or Send For Reprocessing from the Underwriting workplace.

 Where can I find the first copy of the Loan Agreement?

It can be found in System -> Documents. You can download it by clicking on the filename.

 Where and how can I change Customer’s data?

You can change Customer details by clicking the Edit button on either the Origination workplace (Originator’s role required) or the Customers workplace (Admin’s role required).

 How do we send a duplicate set of loan documents?

First, the documents are available in the Borrower's Personal Account for him or her to download them on their own.

But, if necessary, you can also download the agreement from the Servicing or Underwriting workplaces and send them to the Borrower as PDFs. To do this, click the Documents tab on any of the two workplaces and click Download.

 How can I manually upload the signed documents?

You can upload such documents by clicking the Choose File button on the Documents tab in any of the Origination and Underwriting workplaces.

 What access does a role of Supervisor provide?

Only the users with a role of Supervisor have access to the Reports workplace where analytical data are provided.

Supervisors can also access the Archive workplace, however, this is something that most user roles can do.

 Why am I getting logged out from the Back Office?

This happens when another person logs into the system using the same user account. Here you can find a step-by-step guide on how to create a new user account.

 How to delete a loan application?

From the consideration of business logic, Turnkey Lender does not provide for loan elimination, but instead you can:

  • reject loans from the Underwriting workplace;
  • write loans off from the Collection workplace;
  • restructure loans from the Servicing workplace.
 How do users change their passwords?

Only the Admin can change the passwords of Back-Office users. If a Back-Office user needs to change his or her password, they should contact the Admin, who can change the password for them. See How to change Passwords in TurnKey Lender for details.

 How do customers change their passwords?

The user shall log in to Personal Account, click his or her Name on the right, and click the Change Password button.