General overview

TurnKey Lender ( is a globally recognized provider of lending, decision management and risk mitigation solutions and services.

We launched TurnKey Lender in response to a gap in the market place when it came to smaller lenders. These companies require the same comprehensive software platform as a large retail lender, but often lack the working capital to develop their own automated processing system and their own credit scorecard.

With TurnKey Lender you get deep expertise in credit risk management and lending automation, gained from more than a decade of international financial services experience. We offer a wide range of products and services. Our clients use our software for secured and unsecured, short-term and long-term, personal and SME loans. They leverage innovative solutions to support crowd sourced and peer-to-peer loans. They enable humanitarian efforts such as micro loans in emerging economies that help to alleviate poverty. And they engage in complex credit bureau eco-systems as well as billion-dollar multi-national financed infrastructure projects in conjunction with the World Bank.

TurnKey Lender is the only software platform available today that was designed to provide a truly holistic solution for entrepreneurial and mid-size lending institutions. If you can provide the sales leads, then TurnKey Lender can complete the process for you.

Currently our research and development activity is focused at:

  • Loan origination and servicing for all types of loans
    Loan origination, fraud detection and prevention, customer management and debt collection for micro-lending, consumer lending, mortgages, SME lending.
  • Credit risk management solutions
    Portfolio analysis, internal ratings and scorecards development, and portfolio stress testing.
  • Knowledge transfer

Courses and trainings for credit risk officers, risk managers and other specialists for better understanding of digital financial solutions, scoring and all closely related issues to bring more efficiency to credit risk management.

TurnKey Lender Quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001 (Registration Number: SIC.02.040.1709).

Technological background

TurnKey Lender is proud of its team of talented experts, consultants, developers, engineers, and project leaders. Their skills include but are not limited to:

Integration Experience

Credit Bureaus

FICO, Experian, Equifax, TransUnion, CallCredit, Clarity, FactorTrust, Lexis Nexis, CreditSafe, Pefindo Biro Kredit, PVBKI, First Credit Bureau, CreditInfo, ACRA, National Bureau of Credit Histories

Payment Providers

Authorize.NET, USAePay, RePay, Payliance, SynapsePay, Payment Data Systems, PayEasy via Bank of America, Paymaxx PRO, WayForPay, Versapay, PayPal

Core banking systems

Finacle (Infosys), FLEXCUBE (Oracle Financial Services Software), TEMENOS T24 (Temenos Group), BankVision, CS, UBS, Scrooge, CFT, SAP, Diasoft, Intracom


Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Zoho


SAP, MS Sharepoint, Adobe Sign, SignNow, SMS Gateways, Collection Agencies, Mandrill, Instantor, Plaid, Flinks

Development platform

Application server

ASP.Net MVC, AngularJS (C#, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3)


MS SQL, PostgreSQL (via Entity Framework ORM)

Android Client

Native (Java)

iOS Client

Native (Swift)

Development Tools


MS Visual Studio, Android Development Studio, xCode

Version Control


Issue Tracking


Documentation Management


Continuous Builds

Jenkins, MSBuild

Hosting Services

Application Server

Amazon AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud with Windows Server

Database Server

Amazon RDS, MS SQL.

Please refer to Appendix A for the reference letters from our happy clients.

Product Information

TurnKey Lender – a specialized system for automatic borrowers’ evaluation, decision making and automation of all processes in online (and offline) lending.

TurnKey Lender is a comprehensive system that allows managing business processes related to:

  • Small business and micro lending;
  • SME lending;
  • Consumer lending;
  • Mortgage;
  • Credit cards;
  • Internet lending;
  • Automobile lending;
  • Contract & subscription based services.

TurnKey Lender contains all tools to properly evaluate the borrower, solve the KYC (know your customer) problem and make the best decisions regarding the loan. The solution optimizes the approval rates, loan processing capacity, and loan management efficiencies.

User Management

TurnKey Lender supports several user roles. The users of the system are permitted to perform a range of operations according to the permissions of the roles assigned by the System Administrator.

The Administrator can add users and assign the following roles:

User Role

Permitted Activities

Originator/Credit officer

The user is permitted to work in the Origination web workplace.

Underwriter/Credit analyst

The functionality of the Underwriting web workplace is available to the user with the Underwriter role. Besides, the user is permitted to manage Blacklists on the System web workplace.

Loan Manager

The functionality of the Servicing web workplace is available to the user with the Loan Manager role. Besides, the user is permitted to manage Blacklists on the System web workplace.

Collateral Manager

Collateral manager has access to the Collateral module


The functionality of the Collection web workplace is available to the user with the Collector role. Besides, the user is permitted to manage Blacklists on the System web workplace.


The user is permitted to work in the Reports web workplace.


The user is permitted to work in the System web workplace.


The user is permitted to work in the Collateral web workplace.

All the workplaces are web-based and can be accessed through the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome,
  • Firefox,
  • IE 11+.

To login to the System Users enter their personal Login/Password

System Setup


Before the first use the System Administrator has to do the System setup.

Decision Rules

The Administrator activates the Decision Rules to be used for decision making and sets up the parameters. The following groups of rules are available by default:

  • Anti-Fraud Rules;
  • Credit Bureau Rules;
  • Credit Policy Rules;
  • Internal Rules.

The rules that are not activated will not be used in the decision-making process.

The Administrator also defines the level of automation in Application processing. The applications can be either automatically approved/rejected or manually reviewed by Underwriter.

Credit Products

The Administrator creates the list of Credit Products the company will be offering.

The list of Credit Products will be available to the Originator and to online applicants (if specified) as a drop-down menu.

Black Lists

The Administrator can import a Black List to be used for Applications processing. They can also add individual records. New records to the Black List can be also added from all other workplaces.


Scoring model is the key and integral part of the effective lending.

Development of credit scoring models requires a combination of technical modeling skills and practical knowledge of the credit risks associated with borrowers in different business areas.

Built-n Scorecard is a unique and unparalleled feature since it allows the Company to benefit from TurnKey Lender’s professional expertise joined with the world’s best practices of lending and credit scoring.

By utilizing this feature the Company will be able to:

  • Streamline the lending process;
  • Improve loan officer efficiency;
  • Increase the consistency of the evaluation process;
  • Reduce human bias in the lending decision;
  • Adjust the credit policy according to risk classification;
  • Better quantify expected losses for different risk classes of borrowers.

TurnKey Lender will use our extensive resources and data to ensure that the scorecard is maximally accurate. This will provide the Client with comprehensive risk mitigation in relation to the loans approved.

Instead of the built-in Scorecard the Company can use a Custom Scorecard. All the parameters of Scoring Characteristics and Risk Segments can be entered manually.

Past Due Settings

The Administrator has to define Past-due intervals that will be used for alerts, for analysis and reports. Past Due Fees schedule has to be also entered to enable automatic calculation of the fees for past due accounts.


The Administrator activates the e-mail Notifications to be sent to customers and officers in case of various events.

The Notifications Groups include:

  • General System Notifications;
  • Loan Status Notifications;
  • Payments;
  • Payment Reminders;
  • Past Due Notification
  • Promise to Pay.

The system supports 2 services for emailing: internal e-mailing system and online e-mail management services (  and

  • Internal e-mailing system does not allow the Company to change email templates but is useful when using built-in templates (in such case Company doesn’t have to buy a Mandrill account).
  • Using integrated online e-mail management services allows Back-office Administrator to fully customize all messages at any time, that is to modify template bindings, attached documents, SMS templates text, as well as individually enable-disable notification method (email or SMS) for each event.

Past due reminders are also fully customizable. In addition to the options listed above, the Administrator can specify the offset in days when the reminder should occur.


The Administrator can upload documents (e.g. loan agreements, T&C documents, etc.) subsequently sent to borrowers as an attachment to email notification letter.

The template of document to be sent is automatically chosen depending on the loan type set in credit product. The documents uploaded to the system must be in .doc or .docx format and can contain variables set in the system. The documents are automatically converted into .pdf format and are available for downloading.

Agreement Signature

TurnKey Lender supports the feature of Loan Agreement signature. TurnKey Lender has an API to connect to third-party digital signature services (such as Adobe Sign). Whenever it is the Company’s policy to have a loan agreement signed before disbursing the claimed amount, the Company can activate the agreement signature in the system settings. TurnKey Lender will make sure that the customer signs the agreement before getting in possession of the funds.


Backoffice Administrator can edit values in customizable lists that can be used in application form and other forms: for example, Countries and Suspicious Phones dictionaries.

Promo codes

System allows to add promo codes which can be used by a borrower to get special loan offers.

This feature allows to add concessional lending products, as well as to provide limited access to such products.

Workplaces Overview


The Origination, Underwriting, and Servicing web workplaces have similar user interface: in the default view mode, a table containing a list of loan applications is presented on the left side of the workspace in a minimized view mode, while the right part of the workspace displays details of a selected loan application

The Split view can be changed to List or Details view.

To facilitate the work with a large number of loan applications, the system provides functionality of sorting and searching for required loan applications. The users can also use the filter functionality to display loan applications according to their statuses in the system.


The Originator can create new Loan Applications and review Loan Applications submitted by customers online and waiting for approval.

Main features:

  • New loan creation;
  • Automatic filling of loan application forms for existing customers;
  • Payment schedule calculation;
  • The ability to edit Loan Amount, Terms and Interest Rates;
  • The ability to edit Customer Details;
  • The ability to send a loan for auto-processing;
  • Customer interaction history;
  • The ability to download and print a loan agreement;
  • The ability to attach electronic documents to the Application.


The Underwriter can review all Applications waiting for approval and all Applications automatically processed by the System. The Underwriter can also make decision on each Application and override the System’s decision for automatically processed applications.

Main features:

  • Automated risk scoring based on a scorecard and a set of decision rules;
  • Credit Bureau report can be automatically pulled.
  • Scoring results and system recommendations are displayed;
  • Underwriter can override the system’s decision;
  • Underwriter can send the loan for reprocessing to Originator;
  • Internal credit activity and credit bureau reports are displayed to help the Underwriter.


The collateral manager web workplace allows performing the following functional responsibilities:

  • Collaterals evaluation;
  • Adding new collaterals;
  • Editing collateral details and attaching supporting documents;
  • Excluding a collateralized property from the list of collaterals of a corresponding secured loan;
  • Collaterals reevaluation;
  • Approving collateral loan applications;
  • Confirming collateral loan applications;
  • Rejecting collateral loan applications.


The Loan Manager controls money disbursement for all approved loans and repayment process for all active accounts.

Main features:

  • Loan disbursement:
    • Manual (information about disbursement can be entered into the system);
    • Automatic (integration with a third party service is required);
  • Customer interaction history recording;
  • Payment Collection:
    • Manual (information about disbursement can be entered into the system);
    • Automatic (integration with a payment system is required).

Loan schedule and payments screen on allows Loan Manager to see detailed balance log for every installment.

Loan transactions (payments) are presented in a separate tab (“Transactions”)


All past-due accounts are automatically shown on the Collection workplace.

The Collector can work with borrowers using personalized action plans.

Main features:

  • Payment Collection:
    • Manual (information about disbursement can be entered into the system);
    • Self cure (integration with a payment system is required);
  • Collection agent’s action planning;
  • The ability to store the “promise to pay” information;
  • The ability to write-off or restructure loans.


TurnKey Lender contains a number of predefined reports on scorecard stability, portfolio performance, credit risk management and staff performance.

All reports are updated in real time, and available in Table or Chart representations. The Supervisor can choose a time period for each report.

Portfolio Reports:

  • Active Loans vs. Portfolio Size;
  • Overall Repayment Amount Per Interval;
  • Number of Loans Grouped by Amount;
  • Number of Loans Grouped by Risk Level;
  • Repaid vs. Disbursed;
  • Approved vs. Rejected;

Operational Reports:

  • Statistics by Loan status – new/active/closed;
  • Origination Efficiency;

Risk-related Reports:

  • Bad Rate Trend;
  • Delinquency Performance;
  • Delinquency Migration;
  • Vintage Analysis;

Scoring Reports:

  • System Stability;
  • Scorecard Accuracy;
  • Delinquency Performance;
  • Final Score;

Staff Performance Reports:

  • Underwriter Monitoring;
  • Overrides by Underwriters.

All reports can be exported in Excel format.

TurnKey Lender also features a convenient Executive Dashboard, where all major performance indicators are shown in a clear and visual form.


All closed accounts are saved in the Archive. The Administrator, Loan Manager and Collector can access the Archive and review detailed information for all closed loans.

In addition, this valuable information provides excellent opportunities for creating custom scorecards for different borrower categories and loan types in the future.

Data Export

All information on Loans and Payments for a specified period of time can be exported by the Administrator in Excel or CSV format. These files can be consequently imported to the Company’s accounting system, if there is no direct integration.


TurnKey Lender has a dedicated workplace to manage customers. All customer data can be reviewed and edited on the Customers workplace:

  • add new customers;
  • edit customer details;
  • change customer login;
  • reset customer password;
  • block customer accounts;
  • review the customer’s loan summary.

Security Features (for SaaS):

You can check the list of cyber security percussions TurnKey Lender uses to protect your business here:

Cyber Security at TurnKey Lender