How to set up SendGrid integration in TurnKey Lender

In this guide we’ll go over the steps you will need to carry out to set up the SendGrid integration in your TurnKey Lender Box instance.

1. Visit and click “Start Free Trial” to get an account if you don’t already have one.

2. Enter your Email address (your address will be verified before you can proceed)

3. Fill out your account details

4. Create a Single Sender identity.

5. Fill out the Single Sender account details (from email address will be verified and your clients will see this address as the sender)

6. After verification you will see this screen:

7. To connect SendGrid to TurnKey Lender, navigate to Settings -> API Keys

8. Hit Create API key

Choose a name, select Full Access, and hit Create & View

9.  Copy the API key, name of API key, and add them to TurnKey lenders Keys with the name received on step 7.