How to create a loan agreement template

Turnkey Lender comes with built-in functionality that facilitates the loan agreement drafting process. You can automatically generate personalized Loan Agreements for every specific loan of any customer, based on the customer data stored in the system.

Moreover, TurnKey Lender allows for a native e-signature integration to enable fully digital loan signatures before the loan is disbursed. Loan agreements can also be sent to customers as attachments to notification emails.

In TurnKey Lender, System Documents (as opposed to Customer Uploaded Documents) are documents generated by the system for every loan. Such documents are generated based on the System’s document templates (in the MS Word format).

Examples of system documents you can add: Loan Agreement, Offer, Terms and Conditions.

if your business supports different loan types, multiple system document templates may be required, for instance, Installment Loans and Payday Loans.

Example: template_installment_US.docx for installment loans, template_payday_US.docx for payday loans.

TurnKey Lender can be customized to support more system generated documents, should it be of your preference

Step-by-step instructions

To create Loan Agreement template (or a template for any other kind of system document), you need to:

(1) Insert Merge Fields into your usual Loan Agreement template in a doc/docx format and

(2) Upload the template to Turnkey Lender.
Follow the links for detailed instructions.