Collection workplace overview

This piece provides a detailed description of the functionality available to the user of the Collection workplace.


The key responsibility of the users of the Collection workplace is to process past-due loans. The primary functionality includes:


Click Action to perform one of the predefined actions with the loan:


Click Contact to log the interaction you have performed with the borrower.

You can also send the loan back to the collateral workplace or blacklist them.

Other options include:

  • Payment - log the payment a borrower made.

  • Restructure - restructure the loan

  • Write off - write off the loan

Available borrower and loan information

The data collection officer can study from the workplace is located in the tabs under each loan application.


  • Summary - overview of all the information about the loan the borrower.

  • Action plan - what actions were taken in the past or are going to be taken in the future.

  • Customer details - detailed information about the borrower.

  • Credit bureau - if the portal is integrated with a credit bureau, the tab will have customer’s data pulled from the CB or make a new request.

  • Payments - the full list of past, current, scheduled, and missed payments.

  • Fees - if there are fees applied to the loan, the collection officers can see them or add new ones.

  • Transactions - a list of all the transactions connected to this loan.

  • Interaction history - a full history of all the interactions the lending company had with the borrower.

  • Collaterals - a list of collateral assets attached to the loan with details.

  • Documents - documents attached to the loan (automatically generated agreement or files attached by the borrower.

  • Interest suppression - the collector can check past or add new interest suppression actions.

  • Promise to pay - a collector can view the list of past PTPs or add new ones.

  • Flags - a collector can view the list of the flags added by other users or create new ones.

In the section on the left, the collector can filter, sort, reorder and search loan applications.


This functionality or a part thereof may not be available in some versions/subscription plans of TurnKey Lender. See Price Plans for details.