Origination workplace overview

Origination is the first menu item in your TurnKey Lender dashboard.

This is where all the loan applications generated by the borrowers from the front-office, by the employees in the branch or in this very Workplace. 

Here’s what the Origination Workplace looks like:

The capabilities of the Origination Workplace include:

  • Carrying out the initial check of the borrower info and the details of a loan application and deciding whether or not the data provided is sufficient for further analysis. 

    • Personal information

    • Additional information

    • Employment information

    • Address

    • Loan guarantor and all their information


  • Sending loan applications for further review to the Underwriter or the Collateral officers (depending on whether you offer secured or unsecured loans).


  • Creating new and changing the terms for existing loan applications

  • Editing existing loan applications


  • Contacting the potential borrowers to clarify loan application details


  • Filtering loan applications, searching through them, and changing the view of the Origination workplace depending on your current focus.


  • Exporting loan application into PDF for printing or storing. 


  • Checking the borrower Interaction history and documents attached to the loan application.


That was a very high-level overview of what you can do in the Origination Workplace of the TurnKey Lender Box solution.

Should you have any questions or if you’d like to set up a demo of the solution, feel free to get in touch with our team.