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You can create as many user accounts as you need in TurnKey Lender. This article describes how to add new users, configure the management of duties, and provide users  with permissions specifically tailored to their role in the organization.

User access permissions management 

  1. Navigate to the Settings workplace, open the Accounts tab on the left and choose Users.

2. Click the Add User button - the followingwindow will open.

3. Enter the Login, Password, First Name, Last Name, Email and Phone.

4. In the Permissions area add check marks next to the functionality you'd like the user to have access to. You can provide several permissions for one user.

Permissions hints description

  • Access to the certain workplace.
Loan originationAccess to the ‘Origination’ workplace
Risk EvaluationAccess to the ‘Risk Evaluation’ workplace
ReportsAccess to the ‘Reports’ workplace
System administrationAccess to the ‘Settings’ workplace
ArchiveAccess to the ‘Archive’ workplace
CollectionAccess to the ‘Collection’ workplace
UnderwritingAccess to the ‘Underwriting’ workplace
Collateral managementAccess to the ‘Collateral’ workplace
Loan servicingAccess to the ‘Servicing’ workplace
  • Extra functional on the workplaces. 
Assignment officerAllows assignment of loan applications to other users on different stages. Permission for a workplace should be also assigned
Edit/Reverse repayment transactionAccess to editing and reversing payment transactions. Please note that editing/reversing repayment transactions is available on the 'Loan servicing', 'Collection', and 'Archive' workplaces. However, to access the feature from 'Archive' you must have either 'Loan servicing' or 'Collection' permission access enabled with it

  • Access to the Tools workplace.
User KPIAccess to the ‘User KPI’ page on the ‘Tools’ workplace
Loan migrationAccess to loan creation via Loan Migration tool
Customer managementAccess to customer management on the 'Tools' workplace Customers page
Import transactionsAccess to import Payment and Disbursement transactions
Import loans and customersAccess to import Customers and Loans to the system
ExportAccess to export data into Excel reports
BlacklistAccess to manage Blacklists. Blacklist can be managed from other workplaces
  • Access to the management.
Vendor managementAccess to managing details of all vendors and stores and their staff 
Branch managementAccess to changing the branch a loan application is assigned to

5. Branch may be selected for the user. You can allow or deny access to loans linked to any branch.

6. Click OK to save the entered data.



Administrative permission access levels include:

System administration - provides access to the System workplace. There one can manage the TurnKey Lender portal: create users, manage credit products, upload system documents, decisioning rules, scorecard, etc

Reports - provides access to the Reports workplace to analyze the lending company performance based on historical data.

Archive - provides access to the Archive workplace where one can analyze the borrowers' historical data. 

Branch management - create new and manage existing branches.