Release 6.4 (29 November 2018)

Email templates editor

Now the end user can fully customize email notification templates in the UI. The email templates are edited using the wiki-like ‘markdown’ syntax that also fully supports plain HTML if needed. Merge fields can be inserted using the special lookup window. User can define separate text for Greeting and Signature sections of the email (both globally and for every single notification). 
The common part for all templates (header/footer, styles) can be edited as an HTML.

For any editable template there’s a Preview button that helps the user to see how the email looks (merge field values are faked in this case).

For older projects that are upgraded to this version there's an option to automatically import all customized templates to the new format.

Charge loan repayment from back-office

Loan manager can now charge loan repayment for a certain amount using the live payment service from back-office.

Reverse/edit loan repayment transactions

Loan manager can now reverse or edit existing loan repayment transactions. These actions are available for both manually-entered repayments and live transactions from external payment services.

Credit Bureau integrations improved

The architecture of credit bureau integrations has been changed in order to make implementation of new credit bureau adapters easier (both in Box and on custom projects).

Credit reports can now be requested manually and all previously received reports are available for the back-office user.

The system can now send updates to an active credit bureau when loan state changes (new loan disbursed, repayment received, the loan has become past due, etc). These updates can be sent automatically (the schedule is customized) or by pressing the button.

New credit bureaus supported out of the box

The following credit bureaus are now supported out of the box:

  • Equifax Australia
  • Transunion USA
  • FactorTrust USA
  • Pefindo Indonesia
  • Clarity USA

Integration with eSignLive document signing service

Now eSignLive integration is available out of the box


Defects fixed in various parts of the system