Release 6.2 (14 March 2018)

Language change from UI

Now any user (back-office user, borrower, investor) can select a language that will be used to display the UI for him. Other users won’t be affected.

Bi-weekly, Semi-monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual, Annual periodicities 

New periodicities are available in the Credit Product editor.

Flat Interest loans

Flat interest loan schedules are now supported.

SMS-based loan document signature

Now it’s possible to enable the workflow of loan document signing using SMS. After the loan is approved, we send an SMS with the random code to the borrower. He/she must enter this code in the Dashboard in order to proceed with the loan.

Payment providers integration engine has been reworked

A major redesign has been done for the payment providers integration system. The new engine allows direct money transfer for other counterparties (e.g. investors), supports transaction rejection for all transaction types, supports callbacks from external services, simplifies implementation of new payment providers and more. The application still supports the older providers for legacy projects.

Public API extension and redesign

The public API has been extended to support investor-related use cases. Additionally, the existing API has been redesigned to be more RESTful. The new API documentation has been created using the Swagger engine:

+ Multiple bugfixes, optimizations and UI enhancements