TurnKey Lender Box Workplaces Overview

What are Workplaces in TurnKey Lender Box

TurnKey Lender is the world’s leading provider of Unified Lending Management solutions and services. With the TurnKey Lender Box product, we strive to deliver a one-stop end-to-end solution that grants a turn-key experience to our clients out of the box. 

TurnKey Lender Box is a modular solution that automates every step of the digital and offline lending processes. It is achieved by a set of stand-alone workplaces which are combined in an end-to-end system and address different parts of the borrowers and lender’s crediting journey. 

What Workplaces are there in TurnKey Lender Box solution

Once you login to the TurnKey Lender dashboard, at the top of each page you will see a menu with a list of all the available workplaces. You can then give different employees permissions to only access the workplaces and functions they require in their day-to-day. 

The Workplaces that come built-in with the System include:

  • Origination

  • Collateral

  • Underwriting

  • Collection

  • Reports

  • Archive

  • System

  • Tools

Please, note that if your lending operation has unique needs, our team can remove some of the Workplaces from the System or even add custom features for an additional fee.