Front site integration


TurnKey Lender allows for Front Office integration with the customer's website. You can either select a simpler approach where you implement a redirect to the existing TurnKey Lender Front Office application from your website, or use our Public API to create your own UI for borrower registration flow and dashboard. 

Below you can find more information about each approach.


Modification of the customer's website is performed by the customer. This process falls within the scope of website development which is not related to the service we provide. 
We only provide customization of the TurnKey Lender solution for the customers who purchased the Professional Edition of our software.

Method 1 - Simple Redirect

The easiest way of integration between your website and the TurnKey Lender Front Office is to create a link or button on your website that redirects to the TurnKey Lender application form.

Once the user gets redirected to TurnKey Lender, our software will do all the work. It will allow the user to select loan terms, register an account, fill in the application form, etc.

If you implement a redirect to the base URL of the TurnKey Lender application (e.g.

  • New users will be able to select their first loan terms, register an account, and proceed with the loan origination workflow
  • Users that created an account in TurnKey Lender previously, will be automatically redirected to the dashboard where they can see details of their loans and manage their profile

You may also want to add a Login link or button on your website that would redirect the user to the TurnKey Lender login page. In this case, the redirect URL will be the following:


Method 2 - Entering loan terms on your website

If you would like to let your users select loan terms on your website, you can implement a custom loan terms management widget on your website.

In order to let your users select a credit product on your website, please use the following endpoint from our Public API: Customer/CreditProducts. This endpoint returns an array of objects each describing a single Credit Product. You can use this data to let the user select a credit product (e.g. through a drop-down) and apply min/max amount and term constraints to your widget based on credit product settings.

Its value must be equal to the Id field of the selected Credit Product object:

Then you can use the following URL to redirect the user to TurnKey Lender with the selected loan amount and loan term:


    selected-loan-amount, selected_term_value, selected_repayment_value - an integer value, 
    selected-term-kind, selected-repayment-kind - a string from the next list: 'Year', 'Month', 'Week', 'Day',
    credit-prodict-id - the ID field of the selected Credit Product object. 

Method 3 - Custom UI

If you'd like to create your own UI for all borrower-related activities, you can use TurnKey Lender Public API to accomplish this.

The API covers all aspects of borrower's activity; from account registration, signing in, and application form filling to dashboard data visualization and loan management.


Our company can provide additional custom API methods for customers who purchased Professional Edition box.