How to manage the appearance of your TurnKey Lender

In this guide, we’ll go over the ways of customizing the appearance of your TurnKey Lender solution in a matter of minutes using the built-in tools.

General company settings

To change the company name, address, website URL, email, logo, favicon, as well as other company details that display to your clients and staff, navigate to Settings -> Company settings. You will see a simple set of fields you can edit. 

Once you’re done with the company details section, don’t forget to press the Save changes button.

Below the company information section, you can upload the logo which will display on the front-end of your TurnKey Lender instance, as well as in the back-office to your staff, and in the borrower portal.

You may want to preview the way your new logo will look in automatic emails and on the front-end before publishing the changes to the live environment using the Preview button.

To change the general company settings further, you can switch to the Regional settings section and edit the country of operations, currency, and the default language of the TurnKey Lender solution which will apply both the front- and back-end of the software you’re using.

Custom domain name

Another commonly used item is changing the domain name for your TurnKey Lender instance which does require involvement from our team. Nonetheless, you can easily assign your own domain name to production instead of To do that, send your TurnKey Lender account manager the SSL certificate in *.pfx format for the domain you would like to use and point that domain to the server IP, which we will provide from your side.

Appearance editing

Next, let’s switch to Settings -> Appearance to change/edit the color scheme of your TurnKey Lender.

By default, TurnKey Lender Box comes with two themes - Light and Dark - and you can switch between them in just one click, fully changing the front- and back-office appearance.

What’s even cooler, you can create a new fully custom theme for your project by changing all the colors, background images, and other items that would make it look like a native part of your business.

To create a new color scheme:

  1. Click Create new custom theme.

  2. In the window that opens, choose the default to base your theme on - Light or Dark.

  3. Give your theme a name

  4. Click Customize the theme button which will activate once the previous steps are done.

In the window that opens, you will see the sections of the front- and back-office you can change the colors on. Choose the page you’d like to customize.

For each page available for editing, you can edit primary, secondary, and background colors using an intuitive color picker and upload custom background images. You will see that the changes you make instantly apply to the page preview above.

Save the changes once you’re done.

In case you need even more color/background options, click Switch to Advanced Mode.

This will open up an editor with even more colors that can be changed, allowing for full customization of colors used in TurnKey Lender front-office and back-office.