Functionality Overview - v7.4

This is a high-level overview of the TurnKey Lender functionality. This is what comes built-in with the TurnKey Lender Box solution.

TurnKey Ledner Box solution comes as a ready-made product. Should your company need any custom functionality which isn't included in the system by default, it can be developed and deployed by our team for an additional fee. Our team estimates the resources needed to implement the change request, presents the quote to the client, and once the terms are approved, we start working on it. 


Key modules & workplaces

Available features

Key modules & workplaces

Available features


Customer Portal (Front-Office)

  • Online loan application via the web interface 

  • Personal customer accounts with login & password

  • Facebook or Google authentication (optional module). 

  • Full loan application flow: loan terms selection, application form, bank account verification (optional module), vendor selection (optional module).

  • Customer profile management.

  • Co-applicants/Guarantors in loan applications (optional module).

  • Preview of the payment schedule and loan details.

  • Loan offer review and accepting with e-signature or manually (optional module).

  • Payment methods' management in the customer/borrower profile via a payment provider (optional module).

  • Manual bank accounts linking.

  • Bank accounts linking via a bank account verification service (optional module). 

  • One-click payments.

  • Disbursement and payment transactions history.

  • Ability to create recurrent loan applications.


Origination Module (Back-Office)

  • Loan applications' creation for new and returning customers.

  • Customer details and supporting documents management.

  • Work with loan applications created by users from the front-office.

  • Loan terms management.

  • Loan repayment dates re-scheduling to suit the customer's needs. 

  • Customer bank details management.

  • Customer contacts recording and management,


Collateral Module (Back-Office)

  • Сollateral assets management for secured loans

  • Initial evaluation and re-evaluation of collateral

  • Loan-to-value ratio management.


AI-Driven Decisioning Engine

  • Fully automated decision-making.

  • AI-Powered scorecards (optional module): 

    • Application scoring 

    • Credit Bureau scoring 

    • Bank Statements scoring 

  • 130+ business rules (optional).  

  • Co-applicant / Guarantor scoring and business rules checking (optional). 

  • Creditworthiness evaluation.

  • Automated loan offer generation (optional module).


Underwriting Module 

  • System decision review.

  • Loan offer managing.

  • Manual decision-making.

  • Customer bank details management.

  • Customer details blacklisting. 

  • Auto-generated loan agreements.

  • Loan agreements manual signing. 

  • Internal credit history.


Loan Servicing Module

  • Detailed payment schedules and cash flow

  • Funds transferring management

  • One-click disbursements and payments via a payment service provider.

  • Manual disbursements and payments

  • Auto-charges schedule management

  • Schedule modifications:

    • Rollover

    • Debt restructuring

  • Promise-to-pay management

  • Manual write-offs. 

  • Review of loan states in the past. 


Debt Collection Module

  • Management of overdue loans by collection priority. 

  • Loan collectability score.

  • Delinquency buckets.

  • Action plans for collection strategies.

  • Generic phone conversation scripts.


Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Module

  • Investor Portal:

    • Personal investor accounts.

    • Investment opportunities management.

    • Loans bidding.

    • Active investments tracking.

  • Back-office peer-to-peer functionality:

    • Investor account management.

    • Investor balance review.

    • Funds deposit to an investor's balance. 

    • Withdraw funds from an investor's balance. 

    • Loans bidding.

    • Active investments tracking.


Reports Module

  • Business KPI Dashboard.

  • Portfolio report.

  • Operational report.

  • Risk report. 

  • Credit scoring report.

  • Underwriting report.

  • Reports data filters. 


Customers management

  • Customer accounts management.

  • Customer profiles management.

  • Customer rating review.

  • Customer geo-location tracking and analysis.

  • Customer profile flags.

  • Customer bank details management.


Calculations engine

  • A variety of loan schedule types (built-in and custom templates). 

  • Flexible commissions and fees management (built-in templates and custom) 

    • Scheduled fees.

    • NSF fees.

    • On disbursement fees.

    • On transaction fees.

    • Past due fees.

    • Sales tax.

    • Rollover fees.

    • Down payments.

    • Pre-approval and pre-disbursement fees.

    • Payoff fees

  • Early payments and overpayments management.

  • Customizable payoff rules.

  • Configurable accrual and repayment priority.

  • Effective interest rate. 

  • Periodical loan statements auto-generation.


Notifications & reminders management 

  • Automated email and SMS notifications on 30+ system triggers (optional module).

  • 200+ smart markers.

  • Notification templates revision.

  • Fully customizable set of due date reminders and past-due notifications.

  • HTML email template editor.

  • Loan statements and loan agreements attaching to notifications. 

  • Notifications to co-applicant/guarantors (optional module). 


Export & Import

  • Excel Report Builder (built-in templates and custom reports)

  • Payments export

  • Loans export 

  • Customer profile export

  • Payment schedules export.

  • Metro2 reports. 

  • Batch repayments import.

  • Manual loan migration. 



  • Vendors and stores management.

  • Vendor and store users' accounts management.  

  • Specialized workplaces for vendor/store users:

    • Origination

    • Monitoring

    • Export

    • Vendor management

  • Stores on the map.

  • Vendors' loans reports.

  • Disbursement to vendors.


Application process

  • Application form builder.

  • Document templates management.

  • Dictionaries management.

  • Loan offer (optional module).

  • Disclaimer (optional module).


Users management

  • User (employee) accounts.

  • Specialized user permissions to regulate access to the workplaces and tools. 

  • AI-Driven employee KPIs for originators, underwriters, loan managers, and collectors.

  • Local offices and branch management.



  • Compliance 

    • SOC 2 Type II Certification.

    • PCI DSS compliant

    • NIST

    • OWASP

    • ISO 27001

    • GDPR (optional).

  • User permissions.

  • Loan assignment.

  • Adjustable password strength.

  • Two-factor authentication (optional module). 

  • API clients. 


Logs and Databases

  • Audit trail. 

  • Loan workflow tracking.

  • Payments transactions history.


Public API 

  • Front-Office functionality coverage. 

  • Investors portal coverage.

  • Customer's bank payment options management.

  • External customers and loans management.

  • External payments management.



  • Paid extensions to the platform which are sold separately.

See Integrations By Country


Mobile application
*Paid extensions to the platform which are sold separately.

  • Full support of Customer portal functionality

    • Andriod app

    • iOS app

*optional modules - can be switched on and off in the System as needed.