How to Use Automatic Loan Statements Functionality

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to attach a loan statement template to your TurnKey Lender instance and automatically generate and send Loan statements to the borrower's email.

  1. Upload the default loan statement Document to the System. To do that, navigate to Settings → Application process - > Documents → scroll down to Loan statements, and click Add new.

If you need help customizing the template with Smart Markers, reach out to your TurnKey Lender Account Representative.


2. In order for loan statements to be generated for every installment and sent to the borrower you need to enable the functionality in

Settings → Notifications.

Merge fields

The loan statement should support the list of previous merge fields. Feel free to check the full list here.

Loan statement email template

Here’s the default email template:

Email subject: Loan statement 

Email body

Dear \*|FullName|\*

Please, find attached the loan statement for \*|LoanId|\*

Kind regards,\