Tools workplace overview

Tools workplace provides functionality that further simplifies the work of a lending operation.

The functional sections of the workplace include:

  • Customer management

  • Export

  • Import payments

  • Blacklists

  • Loan migration

Let’s look at each of the tabs in more detail.

Customer management

The Customer management tab allows sifting through all the user accounts and analyzing their personal data, loans, and flags.

Users with admin access permissions can also:

  • edit the borrower details

  • change login credentials

  • reset password

  • lock user

  • export data to PDF


The Export tab lets you export the loans' data as well as past and expected payments for the selected timeframe.


Import payments

TurnKey Lender also allows you to import the payments' data in the System in order to keep all the historical information of your company in one place and have a more accurate credit history.

Feel free to reach out to your TurnKey Lender account manager to see if your data is in the right format.


Once you add users to the blacklists, they will appear in this tab. You can also add new entries to the blacklists manually.

Loan migration

Migrate the loans that your operation has already accumulated into the System. You can both add loans for new and existing customers.

This functionality or a part thereof may not be available in some versions/subscription plans of Turnkey Lender. See Price Plans for details.