Reports workplace overview

This article provides an overview of the Reports workplace in the TurnKey Lender portal.

Users with access permissions for this workplace can:

  • export reports

  • analyze the data required for their specific needs in an intuitive interface

  • make presentations

  • build new reports by filtering and sorting through data

Built-in reports


This report (screenshot above) is mainly used for quick analysis/overview of the lending operation’s performance and for presentations to the stakeholders or employees.

In order to simplify presentations, you can easily filter the information displayed in the report by time and the data you need at the moment.


This Reports tab helps you analyze the state and performance of your portfolio over time.


The screenshot above shows the Active Loans vs Portfolio data. Other options include:

  • Overall repayment amount per interval

  • Number of loans grouped by an amount

  • Number of loans grouped by risk level

  • Repaid vs disbursed

  • Approved vs rejected

  • All reports

Users also can change the time range for which the report is generated, the page layout, and export the report in Excel.


Operational reports help you get a deeper insight into the efficiency of your business' day-to-day.

You can filter all the data pulled into the operational reports by time, metrics, and users. The reports can also be exported to Excel.

Report types available in this tab include:

  • Business status

    • in-depth data about the new, active, and closed loans.

  • Applications statistics

    • the data about the new, active, and closed loan applications by amount and number.

  • Origination efficiency

    • information about the efficiency and work distribution of the employees working in the Origination workplace

  • All reports

    • all the reports above are presented on one page.


Risks reports allow you to analyze the following statistics over the selected timeframe:

  • Bad rate trend

  • Delinquency performance

  • Vintage analysis

You can also display all the reports on a single page if you select the All reports option.

The Risks reports also can be exported in Excel.


Analyze the way your borrowers distribute across score ranges, risk levels, expected %, and bad rate.

You can also filter the reports, change the time range, export to Excel, and update them with current data on the fly.


The same way you can monitor the originators' efficiency, you can analyze the performance of the underwriters by the number of accounts, amount, as well as the percentage of approved, low-side, rejected loans and bad debt.

You can also filter the reports, change the time range, export to Excel, and update them with current data on the fly.


This functionality or a part thereof may not be available in some versions/subscription plans of Turnkey Lender. See Price Plans for details.