System workplace overview

This section provides a detailed description of the functionality available for the user of the System workplace.

Usually, it’s the high-level management and the business owners who have access to the System workplace. This is where you can customize and adjust your TurnKey Lender portal to reflect upon your needs.

  • Users - create new users (clients, investors, and employees) and edit/manage the existing accounts.

  • Branch offices - create branches for your operation. You can assign employees and credit products to branches to streamline the work of your business.

  • States management - clients certain countries have access to the States management features. Enable it and activate the states your business operates in.

  • Company settings - edit your company’s details in this tab and replace the default TurnKey Lender branding with your own.

  • Regional settings - select the country you work in, currency, and the default system language you prefer.

  • Integrations - enable and set up integrations with email and SMS, e-sign, bank verification, credit bureau, payments, and analytics services.

  • Credit bureau - integrate your lending operation with a credit bureau to pull customer data for more accurate credit decisioning.

  • Scorecard - decide whether you’d like to use the built-in scorecard or create a custom one.

  • Decision rules - use built-in or customize the rules that help you filter out the borrowers you don’t want to do business with.

  • Past due settings - customize the delinquency buckets and the way late fees are calculated and applied.

  • Fees & reimbursements - edit and add the ways in which the System applies fees and calculates reimbursements.

  • Credit products/Promo codes - create new and edit existing credit products/promo codes. This way the borrowers and employees can have access to the products by states and/or their crediting needs.

  • Application form - customize the fields that appear in the loan application form for your borrowers.

  • Documents - upload, edit, preview, and search documents (loan agreement, privacy policy, terms&conditions) that your business uses.

  • Dictionaries - create lists of variables for different entities (e.g. countries, rejection&cancellation reasons, etc).

  • Notifications - customize the notifications that are being sent to the borrowers.

  • Audit trail - track all the activities that happen to the borrower profiles and loan applications in the System.

  • API clients - create new API clients and keys to integrate your System with third-party products and services.

Feel free to check the articles below to learn about the functionality of the System workplace in more detail.