Collateral Workplace overview

If your operation deals with secured loans, you and your employees can manage, evaluate, and revaluate collateral assets in the dedicated Collateral workplace.

This article provides a detailed description of this workplace:

As always, on the left, you have the section with all the loan applications that are in work and are on the collateral analysis stage. You can filter applications by:

  • date

  • valuation

  • branch

  • credit product

and sort by:

  • application ID

  • borrower’s name

  • type of collateral

  • valuation type (by Next Valuation date)

The section on the right provides all the necessary data to evaluate the selected loan application.

Here you can:

  • add new collateral assets to the application

You can also add collateral types from the history of your work with the borrower.


  • add information collection in your contacts with the borrower

  • send the application for reprocessing

  • cancel the loan

  • or reject the loan application

Application details in the Collateral workplace

Other details you can analyze while in the Collateral workplace are as follows:

  • Review, edit, revaluate the collateral assets added to the loan application

  • Review loan details

  • Analyze personal details of the borrower

  • History of all the interactions with the borrower

  • All the documents attached to the loan application


This functionality or a part thereof may not be available in some versions/subscription plans of TurnKey Lender. See Price Plans for details.