How to get access to TurnKey Lender Public API

TurnKey Lender allows for integrations with third-party services that enhance your business’ performance. It’s made possible with the help of the API clients  functionality and the TurnKey Lender’s Public API. 

  1. Navigate to Settings > SecurityAPI Clients

2. To proceed with adding a third-party integration, click Add API client. The window you see below will open. 

3. Here you can assign permissions to the API client. There are three permission levels here:

    3.1  Front-office - the API key provides access to using the endpoints that support all the Front-office functionality:

  • application process

  • the customer's portal

  • the investor's portal

     3.2  Management - the API key allows access to the group of endpoints that can be used to manage customers and loans without the borrower's authorization. 
     3.3  Payment options - the API key lets you manage customer's payment options (add/delete bank accounts, link credit cards, set default payment method, submit payment via an integrated payment provider, etc.)

4. Once you’ve selected the permissions you want to assign to this API client, click

Generate new key, the popup below will open. Here you can set the name for your new API key and an expiry date for it if you need to.  

5. Click OK to save the settings. The popup will close and you will see your new API key in the list. In the Actions section of each key, you can copy, edit, or erase it. 

All the settings, other than the Secret API key name, can be edited by a Back-office user with Administrator permission. 

Copy the secret API key into the clipboard and send this API key and your domain URL to the third-party service provider to let them integrate with your TurnKey Lender instance.