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Table of Contents:

Table of Contents

Audit Log

Audit log allows back-office administrators to inspect all user activity that changed something in the system.

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Interest and past due fee suppression

Loan manager can manually suppress accrual of loan interest and past due fees fees for a certain period of time.

If interest suppression is cancelled, interest and fees are accrued for the suppression period.

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Promise to pay enhancements

Once Customer has a bad debt and he promises to pay (PTP) until some particular date, there's an option to suppress Past Due Interest and Late Fee on his loan until this date. 
If Customer doesn't pay the promised amount until the promised date, Past Due Interest and Late Fee are applied automatically for the whole PTP period in the past.
While a loan is in PTP period, Agent with 'Administrator' role can cancel this promise or change PTP Date

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Non-blocking alerts and messages

Instead of showing modal info and error messages, the application now displays these messages in a non-blocking manner.

The message is displayed at the bottom of the screen for several seconds and then automatically disappears. Time to show depends on the message text length.

This is more convenient as doesn't force the user to close the dialog window in such cases.

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Preview uploaded documents in browser

Now in order to see the contents of attached document user doesn't have to download it first.

Instead he/she can preview the document in browser.

Browser preview is supported for images and PDF files.

Preview is available for system-generated documents as well.

Table fields in system documents

Now the application supports table merge fields. 

There's only one built-in merge field that allows adding loan schedule to system generated documents.

Other fields can be added in custom projects (implemented in a plug-in).

Auto-charge improvements

Loan repayment auto-charge can now be configured to stop charging until the next due date if charge plan is executed to its end.

OWASP compliance improvements

Multiple security-related changes were implemented to improve compliance of Turnkey Lender with the OWASP standard.

In particular, user session expiry time was added, password change policy was extended with the rule to restrict selection of a recently used password as a new one.

Minor improvements

Various minor usability and UI/UX improvements