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The use of two-factor authentication is enabled/disabled independently for Front-Office users (borrowers) and Back Office users (employees). Two-factor authentication can be enabledin the web.config file by adding the following lines. 

<!-- two factor authentication for clients -->
<add key="Enable2FactorAuthCustomers" value="true" />
<!-- two factor authentication for back end users(officers) -->
<add key="Enable2FactorAuthOfficers" value="true" />

. Reach out to your TurnKey Lender account manager and we'll be happy to enable it for you. 

If two-factor authentication is enabled for Front-Office users, it applies only to newly created accounts. This feature can't be enabled for Front-Office users created before it was turned on.



When two-factor authentication is enabled for the Back Office users, an additional checkbox appears in the Back-Office user editing window. It allows for enabling/disabling this authentication for individual users. Also, a phone number field is added. The SMS will be delivered to the phone number entered for each user.


Physically, the two-factor authentication setting is in the TwoFactorEnabled field of the SecurityUsers table. The phone number for SMS delivery is taken from the PhoneNumber field thereof.